Sierra Pacific Windows

Patio Sliding Doors

Sierra Pacific Patio Sliding Doors create a graceful transition from your indoor to outdoor living areas.  While providing the perfect solution for a space-saving opening, these doors also optimize your view and allow your home to fill with warm sunlight.

Secure and durable as they are beautiful, our Patio Sliding Doors feature a multi-point locking system for optimum security and weather resistance.  Our gear mechanism is made from corrosion-resistant 300 Series Stainless Steel and our locking system has passed the most stringent forced entry requirements.

Our doors feature solid brass forged handles and escutcheon plates for strength, durability and a smooth, blemish-free surface.  Available in a variety of finishes, our handles and escutcheons complement virtually any design




Sash and Frame Interior

  • Frame and Panel Interior 1 Frame and panel components are manufactured from kiln-dried, preservative-treated Douglas Fir. Ponderosa Pine is an option for the interior.  Other species are available by request. Interior surfaces are unfinished clear wood ready to prep for stain or paint. An optional factory applied interior prime coat is available.
  • Panel stiles and rails are manufactured from 1 3/4” thick, kiln-dried, preservative treated Douglas Fir.  The top and bottom rails are solid material and engineered for additional strength and stability.  The stiles on our operable panels are made of LVL material, while our fixed panels have engineered stiles. Panel stiles and rails are connected with heavy-duty 5/8” x 4”  straight fluted dowels secured with exterior glue. Stiles and top rails are 4 5/8” wide. Bottom rails are 6 13/16” wide

Aluminum Clad Exterior

  • All exposed exterior surfaces of our frame head and jambs are covered with .062” extruded aluminum (one of the thickest on the market) available in a palette of 60 colors in 6 industry-leading
    color collections.
  • Extruded aluminum frame corners are sealed with silicone and foam pads and mechanically fastened.  Specially designed, glass-filled nylon sill plugs at the bottom corners afford excellent moisture protection for the side jambs.  A continuous extruded aluminum nailing flange is an integral part of the frame extrusion – stout and watertight.  The exterior of the frame clad is designed to accept retrofit trim systems or clad


  • Panels are covered with .075” extruded aluminum (one of the thickest on the market) available in our extensive color palette.

Wood Exterior

  • Frame components are manufactured from kiln-dried, preservative-treated Douglas Fir.  Exterior surfaces are available with either a factory-applied latex primer or in clear Douglas Fir.  All units with exterior trim (brickmould, stucco brickmould or S4S) feature factory-applied flexible flashing on sides and head.