Sierra Pacific Windows

Specialty Windows

Sierra Pacific Bi-fold Windows glide smoothly to create large openings that transform your living spaces.  With panels folding and stacking to one or both sides of an opening, our bi-fold products are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

These moving walls of glass maximize your clear opening space and enhance your view. When fully open, the folding panels stack perpendicular to the wall to optimize space - great for applications where pockets in the wall are not practical.

Perfect for either contemporary or traditional architectural designs, these doors and windows connect your interior and exterior spaces by eliminating walls. Our wide range of product options, sizes and configurations provide almost limitless applications for both residential and commercial projects.

Sierra Pacific Multi-slide Doors and Windows are engineered to slide easily and lock securely.  Available in stacking or pocketing units in single or multi-directional configurations and ninety degree corner units, these products offer exceptional flexibility.

Our multi-slide products create moving walls of wood or wood-clad glass panels that stack or disappear into a pocket to connect your living spaces by eliminating walls.

In a wide variety of sizes and configurations, Sierra Pacific multi-slide products provide nearly limitless options for residential and commercial projects and suit any architectural designs